It does far more harm than good

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Toxicity and The Cancel Culture

In today’s cancel culture, applying the word “toxic” to someone can have lasting repercussions. Once the toxic label is applied to an institution or person, it is often used to cancel them from worthiness.

A short-term boost in numbers could spell career suicide

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Self Defense is Sometimes Necessary

When you put yourself out there in a real and meaningful way, some people will attack you because they can. We are all familiar with the keyboard warriors who seem to take a special interest in anyone vulnerable enough to tell their story.

The subtle prodding of the Spirit that has me reevaluating everything

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The secret to building a great team

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Ever wonder why you see so many I made X amount of money in 3 easy steps articles?

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Successful people make time to keep learning

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You need the right tools, but probably not as many as you think

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Stand Out From the Crowd

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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Legal Market

Marketing is a broad term, and you should think of it as a toolbox where you store…

Optimizing marketing efforts to maximize results

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It increases the chances they will ask you for help.

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