It does far more harm than good

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The use of the word “toxic” now permeates our society. It is used to describe cultural and political rhetoric, relationships that deviate from the accepted norm, parents, children, friends, work culture, and the list grows longer each day.

If someone’s choices or behavior doesn’t fit into a vague definition of acceptable, or if they cause harm, regardless of intent, they earn the label of toxic.

In today’s cancel culture, applying the word “toxic” to someone can have lasting repercussions. Once the toxic label is applied to an institution or person, it is often used to cancel them from worthiness.


The secret to building a great team

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I never aspired to be anyone’s boss. I worked for years as a paralegal, took some time off to raise kids, and then re-entered the workforce when the gig economy was just getting started. I wanted the freedom to work from anywhere, and I loved writing, so I combined the two and became a content writer.

When I looked up one day and realized I had to turn down far too many clients because I didn’t have the availability, I reached out to another freelancer to see if she would be interested in helping. She did, and not soon after…

Ever wonder why you see so many I made X amount of money in 3 easy steps articles?

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I admit that when the concept of freelance writing first took hold, I tried to research the feasibility by reading such articles. That was a huge mistake. First, it was procrastination. I wasn’t jumping in and doing any writing because I was too busy reading about the journey others took. Second, only one or two out of dozens had anything constructive to say.

Before you click on the next “How I Make $10,000 a Month Working Ten Hours a Week,” type article, ask yourself, why is the author taking the time to share this information with you? If I only…

Successful people make time to keep learning

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Time has been the predominant struggle that defines my current success. I am a content creator specializing in legal content, and 2021 has brought new clients and exciting opportunities. The problem is that every day, I am barely staying ahead of the next looming deadline. As a freelancer, that is usually a good problem to have.

However, I no longer have time to keep up with the changes in the writing, marketing, and legal sectors. I am not reading excellent content to learn more about creating excellent content. I haven’t (insert giant gulp) read about the latest trends in SEO…

You need the right tools, but probably not as many as you think

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The COVID pandemic has made working from home part of the mainstream conversation. However, just a year earlier, freelancing was still seen as primarily a side hustle for those looking to make a little extra income.

Your social media feed was probably full of people promising to teach you how to make money from home by “building multiple income streams,” or some other means that only required you to buy their course and sign up for their newsletter.

I never intended to freelance full-time, but it did seem like a feasible side hustle, so I made an Upwork profile and…

Stand Out From the Crowd

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Content may be the most effective digital marketing tool available, but how well does it work in a highly oversaturated field? Technology and emerging markets are changing the legal sector at an unprecedented rate. These changes are creating marketing challenges for firms of all sizes.

The competitive market of law drives innovation and change, which creates unique opportunities for content marketing. Content is the most valuable digital marketing tool, but it can result in wasted effort or even damage when not handled correctly.

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Legal Market

Marketing is a broad term, and you should think of it as a toolbox where you store…

Optimizing marketing efforts to maximize results

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Great attorneys have little time to invest in a comprehensive marketing strategy. Branding, blog writing, SEO strategy, social media, and a flawless website design are crucial yet time-consuming necessities to help grow a legal practice.

Many large firms have in-house marketing teams that handle the day to day operations of marketing, but what about smaller firms? Some smaller firms use a legal marketing agency to develop and implement a marketing strategy.

Though there are great marketing firms that specialize in the legal sphere, it can still be challenging to find one place to handle all aspects of digital marketing. …

It increases the chances they will ask you for help.

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As a kid, I remember spending the night with a friend and waking up after a nightmare, alone and terrified. I wanted to call my mom, but I wasn’t sure it would be okay, and I didn’t want to be made fun of for leaving in the middle of the night.

When I was a teenager, I remember getting myself into less than ideal situations with no clear understanding of how to get myself out. In the days before cell phones, I would have had to use a landline phone to call my mom. …

Because it is the only thing anyone sees

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I used to avoid writing about Medium, at least very often. The most important reason was that the work would not be curated, and therefore, would garner fewer views.

Now that curation has changed and does exactly zilch for my stats; I have started writing more frequently about writing on Medium. The irony is not lost on me.

I have 1.6k followers on Medium, and my curated work, even in decent sized publications, is now receiving less than 200 views. But, if I write about my writing experience on Medium, I can exceed that without the “benefit” of curation.


And hoping it doesn’t mark a new trend

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Like most people around the country, our Christmas will look different this year. I felt a little down about all the differences when I realized how petty and selfish it was to bemoan the small sacrifices my family will have to make. The empty spaces around our table are temporary and voluntary, unlike those whose holidays will never be the same after COVID-19.

We are still employed, and our efforts to scale back Christmas shopping are also voluntary. …


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