I am also the mom of daughters. There have definitely been boys that I didn’t want them to date and it absolutely had nothing to do with race. We are also talking about young teens at the time. There was a set age I wanted my daughters to be before they had any sort of relationship. Again, nothing to do with anyone’s race. As I said in the article, I am not blind to the fact that it could have been a factor. I also know it may have had nothing to do with race.

You find the reference to African American Vernacular English (Ebonics being the more correct term as I have learned by writing this article. Learning was my goal) to be racist. Can you please explain why? It is not something that every person of color has been exposed to, there is nothing wrong with it and no, it has zero to do with intelligence. It does, however, cause some subjects to be more challenging at a college level. Again, someone smarter than I am about things like this referred to it as code switching.

How can we learn, educate ourselves, and truly eradicate racism in any form from ourselves if we cannot ask questions and have a civil discourse about it?

It was an interesting point about whether white privilege is based only on the color of ones skin or if it is a cultural advantage?

Thanks for taking the time to read and for your input.

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