I am sorry your journey through the south was difficult. I genuinely feel like I missed something in your story though. How did someone paying for your cup of coffee, or an older and obviously uneducated man at a rock store saying “bless you,” equate to “fuck you”? I understand that you disdain pity, and appreciate compassion. I think that would be true of anyone with an illness or a disability. I can understand being hurt at the lack of respect for your son in the rock store, but was that really all it took for you to be afraid to stop anywhere else? I can’t understand why a stranger paying for my coffee would make me mad. I use the term “bless your heart” frequently. I have used it when holding a family member who just received a cancer diagnosis, and I have used it when my daughter was left out of something she really wanted to be a part of. I can assure you it has never been a sweet-tea version of “fuck you.”

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