I obviously agree that so far, there are few deaths outside of Hubei. However, is that because other areas are better prepared? Hubei had a distinct disadvantage in being ground zero, with time-curve in determining that they had a new virus on their hands. If other areas that are more prepared will not see such impacts, then how do you explain the infection rate on the Princess Cruise? The last time I read statistics, there were 219 confirmed cases out of 780 passengers who had been tested. Now, I assume they are only testing those who have symptoms or other medical concerns, but even if you do the math on 219 infected against 2,700 onboard, it is an alarming rate of infection. I respect the point you are making, and I genuinely hope you are right about how it will impact areas that are more prepared. I think only time will tell the entire story, and I hope it is much less grim than it appears right now.

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