If one can’t ask questions then who should I listen to? If you want people to understand more about racism, white privilege or any other subject then why not take the time to educate instead of insult those with a genuine desire to learn about the subject? My article was based on my questions about white privilege and how it extends to someone who is multiethnic living in a white home.

I know there are things I do not understand which is why I asked for the input and thoughts of others.

Someone else pointed out that AAVE, or Ebonics, does make some aspects of college and the business world harder as they have to learn to “code switch.” No, someone should not have to change the way the speak in order to be taken seriously in academia or the business world. So, isn’t not having to do that part or white privilege?

You do not think it makes any part of college harder. Your experience is different from that of someone else. We all have a wealth of different experiences and the ability to learn from one another. Why is that wrong?

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