Thank you for sharing your perspective as a mental health professional. I agree it is not a clear "never" or "always" situation, and each person must make the best choice they can in the moment. I know in our situation, the first time it happened, we had no forewarning to ever prepare for such a situation to arise. You speak of other services, and I am sure they exist in other areas, but they are far too sparse to be counted on in times of crisis. If there is some program that sends trained professionals to deal with youth in crisis in more than small pockets, please let us know.

I understand that there are times when there is no choice but to involve law enforcement, but I understand the level of fear this must bring to an already heartbreaking and stressful situation.

As someone who has worked with this population, do you see an appalling lack of resources? How can we advocate for better resources? I apologize for dumping hard questions on you, but I am fascinated to about what you see from "inside" the profession. Thank you for reading and responding.

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